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Common generator Brand

Stamford generator stamford
Wuxi new era alternator Cummins Generator Technologies Co., Ltd. is the only wholly-owned enterprises in China, the initial investment of $ 17.6 million. Founded in February 1996, in November 1997 officially opened. The current annual production capacity of 50,000 units a generator.
Cummins Generator Technologies has over 50 years experience successfully meet the needs of customers, is the leader of AC generator technology, Cummins Generator Technologies has a global sales and service network, and in the UK, USA, China, India has a production plant. Wuxi plant in full accordance with the design and process standards Cummins Generator Technologies to manufacture Stamford alternator. Product design, materials, production, testing by British officers direct management control. Small size, light weight, advanced technology, reliable performance is an important characteristic of the Stanford generators.
Wuxi New Era Manufacturing Co., Stamford alternator generator diesel engines in the world with all facilities, such as Cummins, Perkins, VOLVO, MTU, Deutz, Carter strangulation and domestic 95,130,135,150,190 series diesel engines. The success of the series generator sets supply manufacturers, widely used in the field of railways, shipping, telecommunications, military, oil, transport, high-rise buildings and refrigerated containers. Wuxi production of a new era of motor generator series: BC16, BC18, UC224, UC274, HC4, HC5, LV6, HC7. Power range: 6.5KW - 1600KW.
Leroy Somer Generator
Leroy Somer, France has been a pioneer of the electrical industry since 1919 established. The company five major activities include: generator, fractional horsepower drives, industrial motor drive, gearbox and electronic components. Generator power range from 1KVA ~ 25000KVA, prime mover with horses, including diesel engines, gas engines, turbines and wind-driven. Leroy Somer in the world has more than 470 sales and service organization to provide fast service.
Leroy Somer Motor Technology (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd. in full accordance with Leroy Somer, France and North America, the company's design and technology standards to manufacture alternators, technical parameters updated synchronously. Leroy Somer Fuzhou produced by the generator of all foreign expert guidance and approval, in early 1999 to obtain ISO9001 certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas from design, process, material selection, quality control, etc.
Leroy Somer Fuzhou produced by generators have been widely used in enterprises of tall buildings, railways, shipping, telecommunications, military, oil and refrigerated containers. Generators can be equipped with a variety of domestic or foreign brand diesel engines.
Leroy Somer Fuzhou company's standard product range for LSA40 / 42.2 / 43.2 / 44.2 / 46.2 / 47.2 / 49.1 / 50.1 / 51.2, power range covers 8 ~ 2000KW. In addition the company also provides long-term cooperation by OEM frequency (50 & 60 HZ) and intermediate frequency (400HZ) generators.
Shanghai Marathon generator
Product Overview
     MP Series 500 frame brushless three-phase AC synchronous generator is the basis of the United States in MAGNAPLUS drawings Marathon Electric Company (Marathon Electric USA) offered on the new development to improve the design of the new brushless generator.
     MP Series 500 base supporting the composition of diesel generators and fixed or mobile power for a variety of occasions, also can be used as an emergency power supply. MP series generators unique design, advanced structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, easy to use, suitable for a variety of application needs and climatic conditions, on behalf of the international advanced level.
Excellent electrical performance
1, the steady-state voltage regulation rate ≤1%
2, cis-state voltage regulation rate + 20% -15% Un (60% In.cosφ≤0.4 lag)
3, the voltage adjustment range> ± 10% Un
4, line voltage sinusoidal waveform distortion rate <5%
5, thermal deviation of zero (very slightly)
Unique structural design
A generator for the whole protective structure, a unique internal ventilation cooling structure, aluminum fan, ventilation rate, low temperature rise.
2, brushless excitation mode, with a solid-state voltage regulator, the regulator has a low speed protection, electromagnetic interference suppression, over-excitation shutdown functions, and with stability regulator and voltage amplitude adjustment.
3, the overall salient pole rotor structure, damping winding and rotor core even become one, the field winding thermosetting epoxy filled with high mechanical and electrical strength.
4, rotating rectifier located outside the exciter rotor, ease of maintenance.
5, outlet boxes spacious interior can install a variety of devices. Outlet box at the top of the rear frame, beautiful and compact.
6, insulation class H.
7, according to customer requirements to provide modules and additional devices for parallel operation.
8, generators divided into single and double bearing structure bearing two.
Single bearing SAE interface and coupling piece with international standards, with the various types of imported oil machine supporting.
Double bearing adapt supporting various domestic diesel engine, configuration flange spigot various sizes according to customer requirements.
9, according to customer needs and can be installed using DVR2000E PMG digital regulator.
10, according to customer needs can install anti-condensation heating pipes and thermal protection components.
Conditions of Use
Air temperature does not exceed: 40 ℃
The altitude does not exceed: 1000 meters
If conditions do not meet the environment, must be corrected power output quota provisions.
Voltage, frequency, speed, power factor and work
Rated voltage: 400 V (480 V, 60 Hz)
Rated frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Rated speed: 1500 r / min or 1800 r / min
Power factor: 0.8 lagging
Operating mode: Continuous (S1)
According to customer needs, can be made with different output voltages, or other special requirements.
Parallel operation
MP generators can run continuously in parallel, in order to ensure stable operation of the generator, the rotor windings are equipped with full damping.
Generators in parallel operation, the distribution of active load achieved by the diesel engine governor adjustment, distribution of reactive load achieved by the generator regulator.
SE350 is equipped with generators parallel runtime, to be equipped with APM2000 5VA parallel module and current transformer, using voltage sag or compensation to ensure a balanced cross-flow between parallel generator reactive power load distribution.
With PMG and DVR2000E regulator generator, due to DVR regulator contains parallel operation function, simply provide 5VA current transformer signal to the voltage regulator can be.
Anti-electromagnetic interference
     The generator is equipped SE350 regulator in line with the general level, with DVR2000E digital voltage regulator generator meets MiL-461c
     Bearing MP generator using a double-sided dust rolling ball bearings, one-time lubrication, special high performance grease, normal use, B10≥20000 hours.
Siemens Generator
   1FC2 series brushless AC synchronous generator is the design and development of Siemens AG in 1997, 1998 launch of the latest generation of low-voltage, brushless self-excited, self-regulated constant voltage generator. Suitable for marine and land-use and special purpose.
1FC2 series generator uphold the excellent quality 1FC5,1FC6 series generator, into the modern development of the latest technology, but also takes into account the needs of today's customers. It is like all Siemens generators, like anywhere in the world can, in the worst conditions and most in need of technical support environment, have excellent performance and high reliability. Its main features are:
1. Small size, light weight, excellent performance ------- optimal design of modern CAD
2. salient pole rotor, brushless structure, octagonal shape more compact structure -------
3. use of electronic, digital voltage regulator function ------- higher reliability and greater choice
4. Class H insulation system with a higher insulation system -------
5. efficiency by an average of 2% ------- higher efficiency
6. provides a single pivot disc type ------- easier installation
7. External rotating rectifier unit ------- easier maintenance
8. expanded the power of a wider range of power options -------
9. expanded global service network ------- stronger World Service network
1FC2 series generators main generator (rotating field type) taken from the magnetic field excitation power for stationary exciter, exciter rotor mounted on the same shaft host. Excitation system components and electronic voltage regulator (AVR) placed in the generator, the generator can be installed in addition to the power plant or unit control integration system. 1FC2 generator can be any brand of diesel engines in the world driving, but also by a steam turbine, turbine and electric motor driven, it can also be run stand-alone or with another similar generator sets running in parallel.
1) EG series of uniaxial and biaxial brushless alternators are designed by Inge Company Limited by Engga production. Power: 30kW ~ 2000kW Frequency: 50Hz and 60Hz, suitable for marine and land use.
2) performance reached the international advanced level, in line with IEC34, China GB755 and other relevant international standards, according to the ISO9001 (2000) international standard.
3) Inge EG series generators into the two registered patents, so Engga and international conventional generators produce a qualitative leap in the life of the generator, reliability and overall quality has been greatly improved.
4) Inge EG series generators have been widely and Volvo, Mitsubishi, Cummins, PERKINS, Deutz, John Deere, MAN, MTU, Daewoo and other imported engines and wins move on firewood, Jinan Diesel Engine, Weichai, Xichai, no move, China Cai Deutz, Steyr and other domestic engine supporting.
5) With the increasing export and domestic EG generators, in order to better meet OEM customers, the company developed the 160 series (power from 16Kw ~ 32kW), 500 series (power from 1200kW ~ 2000kW), and the original series optimized to improve, plus N suffix launched a comprehensive new series generators.
3.3.1 Inge motor advantages:
Using patented technology, stator mechanical strength Inge EG series generators situation insulation substantially strengthened and the end, the overall life expectancy has been improved.
Stator end structure:
The stator coil ends of the different phases of the coil end conductor portion extending along the root of the notch using H-level insulating film and the semi-insulating tape uniformly stacked package, improving the dielectric strength and mechanical strength of the end portion.
On the end of the stator coil and each bundle were drawn process, the ends of each bundle coil lead wire were shaping. And at the ends of each stator Engga increased insulation end hoop, and each tie through a special process shaping coils are effectively fixed on the insulating side hoop, so that the ends of the coil to form an excellent strength whole. Effectively prevent and withstand the impact of the stator end result of sudden load and off caused by a short circuit caused by falling apart.
2) Patented rotor coil wire, triple insulated structure:
Bottom: Class H insulation film stack package;
Middle: insulated glass package;
Outside: high-quality insulating paint soaking, drying;
Effectively improve the inter-rotor turns and inter-layer insulation, so moisture, corrosion resistance has also been effectively improved, life, reliability, environmental adaptability generator also rises sharply. Particularly adapted to the use of high heat, subtropical island, chemical, dyeing and other harsh environments.
3) The advantage of using a patented rotor conductors:
Use wire between turns common paint package during winding rotor, susceptible to cracks and chipped paint insulating paint caused by a short circuit between the layers and. Such failure is a major cause of damage to the generator. By comparing the experiment, using polyamide film and a half stack package, wrapped in flat glass copper due to its special structure, when the wound will not appear damaged insulation as a result of the failure to produce and risks. EG generator improve insulation reliability, especially for use in harsh environments.
4) the use of patented technology Inge EG generator rotor manufacturing techniques reliability, longevity produce a qualitative leap:
A, automatic voltage regulation system:
EG series generator has been considered in the design of the generator stator flat copper wire at runtime, because the heat generated by the expansion extends the phenomenon, the use of segmented support block design, with sufficient space to prevent because of flat copper wire thermal expansion and contraction deformation and damage insulation, burning generators.
Since there is no consideration of the rotor windings heat expansion at work, so easy because the above-mentioned causes structural damage to the insulation of other brands for a long time in a large work load generator motor damage caused.
B, generators brushless self automatic voltage adjustment system:
While taking advantage of Ji Bojia third harmonic excitation as the excitation power supply, to establish a stable, dynamic performance excellent output voltage considering the harsh environment full plastic electronic AVR module built sudden load buffering function (LAM)
In addition to the four above-mentioned advantages, carefully designed EG series there are some advantages:
After tilting structure using high-efficiency cooling fan, which greatly reduces the noise generator is running, the average run noise reduction 3-5dB.
Use dust-proof sealed ball bearing structure, greatly extending the life of the generator. SAE standard connection flange connection spigot and domestic engine standard design and easier connection with the import or domestic engine.

Megaton Generator
  On Haimaigete Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of generators, located in the scenic crossing yellow Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai, plant area of 20,000 square meters; professional design team brings together the world's most advanced turbine manufacturing technology, to optimize the design, the use of domestic and foreign finest quality materials made of a new generation of generator MW series; MW hair Megaton generator Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 with registered capital of the company covers an area of 6,000 yuan. 20,000 square meters, including 7,000 square meters of production workshop, office building area of 1,500 square meters, the living area of 1,500 square meters. company now has a staff of 180 people.
Since the 1830 birth of the generator has been nearly 200 years of history, through which the development and continuous improvement of nearly 200 years, has become an indispensable industrial power equipment. Anything development bottleneck will appear on a generator saying:? how to create a material with the least maximum energy agonizing over the world it has become a problem in our Megaton set of goals and ideals of manufacturing.
We Megaton's logo, very beautiful, but also very dynamic rotating rotor coil middle of representatives of the generator, the generator outside of the circle represents the spindle. And there are two indefinite extension of the line, which represents Megaton unlimited energy generator can provide power to maximize energy while in the middle of MW is our Megaton brushless generator models are the first two letters .MW interlocking partnerships on behalf of my client manufacturers and intimate.
Process structure of this piece: We Megaton generator in the design, manufacturing processes focus on the big picture, start from the nuances. Miss every detail to ensure that the products manufactured pass rate of 100%. And in the same industry in the world is the only one to launch the warranty period of two years or 2000 hours of manufacturers.
In the past seven years working in sales by the majority of users praise and approval, and has allowed us Megaton people confidence. For the creation of our national brand generator sounded passionate prelude and a solid foundation.
In the process, Bo, director of public companies. In addition to rigorous process control, in the shape of the structure is also unique, big power, smooth appearance, rational layout, small is Megaton features the same power generator is small compared to other brands of 1 / 10. behind us after the installation of the generator housing, anti-collision can prevent accidents occurring in transportation, installation and use. and disassembly is very convenient, easy to install PMG PMG for those to the scene after the discovery harmonic interference is too large, the user must install PMG PMG provides a convenient modification. In the rear casing also set aside Seamless linking trunking PMG, drawing Stanford advantages; in front chassis coupled with the generator we had long, wide, easy installation and maintenance of couplings, which is is to learn the advantages of Leroy Somer's
Faraday generator
Wuxi Faraday Motor Co., Ltd. will be the world's leading technology and advanced management concepts used in company operations, in cooperation with the United States Basler (BASLER) Electric Company, specializing in Faraday (FARADAY) brand AC brushless generator manufacturing and sales power from Wuxi industrial Park Iasi Luoshe Luoshe Road 85 between 6.5Kw ~ 2000Kw, factory located.
Electrical Characteristics
Excitation System
Faraday generator and the world's largest independent manufacturer of excitation control systems - Cooperation Basler Electric Company, a US BASLER AVR, stable and reliable performance, high precision voltage regulation. The total site is located in the city of Highland, Illinois, Basler Electric Company is a leading manufacturer of professional electrical automation. Its quality is superb excitation control system ABB, GE, SIEMENS, ALSTOM recognition and use, is the preferred target power generation systems.
Basler AVC63 Series AVR
Generator to provide electricity to the host set the exciter stator through AVC63 AVR, AVR Efficient semiconductor ensure the output voltage from the initial low residual magnetism gradually increased to the rated voltage.
Exciter rotor output power lost to the host via a three-phase full-wave bridge rectifier, the rectifier caused by a surge suppressor protected against short circuit or phase-by-step parallel shocks, AVC63 series AVR also supports a range of other electronic devices, you can easily run in parallel with other alternators.
Voltage Regulation
Voltage regulation is to allow the engine speed under fluctuating within 4%, between 0.8 lagging power factor and one, from no load to full load voltage change (including cold to hot state changes). AVR is available on a spinner to adjust the voltage. All the AVR voltage adjustment rate is less than ± 1%.
Insulation and varnished
Insulation class is "H" level.

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