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Common engines and generators brands

Cummins Engine Company was founded in 1919, mainly produces power generation equipment, industrial and automotive industries engines. Cummins Inc., a leading diesel engine technology in the world, is always 200 horsepower diesel engines and the largest manufacturer of diesel engines over 50 hp second manufacturer. Its products with superior performance, excellent quality, reasonable prices, dedicated service throughout the world, has already become one of America's

500 leading multinational companies.

British Perkins

1932 The Perkins Perkins is one of the world's first production engine company. The production of diesel and natural gas engines as fuel for its economy, reliability and durability advantages are widely promoted and applied in various occupations. Such as automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial generators and ships. Products have 100,3.152,4.236,1000,1300,2000,3000 and 4000 series. Where the 2000 and 3000 series from world-renowned in the field of mechanical power one of the most authoritative British ROLLS-ROYCE (Rolls-Royce) the company's design and manufacturing.

Sweden VOLVO

A 120 years of history of the giant multinational companies, a Fortune 500 ranks of Swedish companies, specializing in heavy machinery, trucks, cars, ships, manufacturing. From the first production of heavy trucks to one of the world's three richest limousine car, from ten million tons of oil tankers to the world-famous VOLVO-PENTA diesel engines, heavy-duty power fields have been witnessed VOLVO-PENTA style. Today, the combination of the world's best engineers superior power of inspiration VOLVO-PENTA engine has become synonymous with top international diesel engines. Its performance indicators, high reliability, environmental protection, low noise, easy installation, good ability to adapt to high altitude and other characteristics in the application of much industry respected.

South Kores’s Daewoo

Daewoo Heavy Machinery was founded in 1973, originally called North Korea Machinery Corporation, has since been a leader in the development of the Korean machinery industry leading enterprises, has become Korea's largest machinery company. Them through continuous technical, quality reforms to improve the competitiveness of products, strong world-class status of heavy industry. Was built in 1975 to launch Asia's largest machinery manufacturing plant and began producing engines, with the German MAN company and Japan's Isuzu technology company signed a series of agreements for the production of a full range of domestic and international users engine. Our products are based on rigorous, standardized quality assurance system not through the ISO9000, ISO14000 and other international certification, operating in the field of heavy construction equipment, industrial vehicles, machine tools, etc. from the system, providing the world's highest level of products and services

Japan's Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI

From 1917 founding of the day, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries constantly developing and creating capacity from 0.5 hp to 56.400 horsepower diesel engines of various types to meet the customer's general purpose and specialized uses, "I believe tomorrow," the MHI business idea , is based on the company's advanced technology to improve the lives of everyone. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi diesel engine with its space technology, nuclear technology Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi and other military equipment, as a representative of the era of advanced technology, its excellent quality is user trust assurance.

U.S. John Deere John Deere

1. Fast and reliable cold start, the heater installed in the intake manifold, making the engine easier to start when the ambient temperature is low. Meanwhile, the low resistance of the supercharger and responsive engine with fuel injection system has a high load carrying ability in a short recovery time;

2. Low operating costs, the engine combustion process using advanced technology, greatly reducing the fuel consumption, to provide users with the lowest operating costs;

3. Low operating noise steadily, starting each engine manufacturing, production, and always will be placed in the noise reduction design development, development of the first. The engine body specially developed to optimize the design of damping system, and an exact match of the low speed cooling fan turbocharger is largely reduced noise;


An engine manufacturer Detroit, the United States, mainly the production of two-stroke engines. Main engine models are water-cooled engine and DDA DDW air-cooled engine.

Italy VECO

IVECO (IVECO) is a leading member of the Italian Fiat Group (FIAT), mainly engaged in automotive and diesel engine research and production, while production of construction machinery, locomotives, mining, metallurgy and power generation equipment. Iveco Eyre blessing for the production of special diesel engines for customers of the company, located in Milan, Italy, and its production capacity from 17KW diesel generator sets to 616KW, in full compliance with ISO8528 standards, Iveco Eyre good fortune has ISO9001 quality certification, is one of the world's leading manufacturer of diesel generator sets.

German DEUTZ engine

German DEUTZ AG, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, on the Rhine, over the years for its leading product brand Deutz diesel engine known to the world. Company employees 5454 people, with total sales of approximately € 1.173 billion. A total of 2003 users around the world to provide 156,237 diesel engines and gas engines.

DEUTZ is an independent manufacturer of world-famous diesel engines, created by the history of the famous inventor Otto's four-stroke engine in 1864, the company in Germany four engine plant in the world, there are 17 licenses and cooperation plant, the production of diesel power range from 5 to 5,000 horsepower gas engine power from 250 to 5,500 horsepower. Deutz air-cooled diesel engine company known for its name to ask the world, but in the early 1990s, the company has developed a new water-cooled engine (1011, 1012, 1013, 1015 series, the power range from 30kw to 550kw) the new series of engines with small size, high power, low noise, emissions better, easier cold starting characteristics, to meet the stringent emission regulations in the world today,

has a broad market prospect.

For two decades, DEUTZ AG has been working with China were close and friendly cooperation, in the country has a 7 engine manufacturing plant license, and its high-quality products in the users and industry maintained a high prestige. It is worth mentioning that the change in gasoline diesel truck FAW in the selection of the work to proceed in the early nineties, the 2012/1013 Deutz series diesel engine with its advanced technology, reasonable design, excellent performance and reliability beat many of the world's leading manufacturers, FAW over a variety of road test bench and loading a year in getting the most outstanding achievements, was eventually chosen as its

truck FAW ideal power.

Deutz broad range of applications, including the expansion of commercial vehicles, construction machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, compressors, generators, and ships.
DEUTZ AG's aim is to provide users with high-quality products and services, and hope to maintain long-term business relationship with China to further expand areas of bilateral cooperation, with our products for the consistent support of our users add luster.

German Mercedes-Benz MTU

MTU is the Daimler - Benz diesel propulsion systems division, the world's leading heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturing company, its products are widely used in military vehicles, railway vehicles, marine vessels and long lines station. MTU's predecessor as early as 1883 he developed the first high-speed vehicle with an internal combustion engine. 1901 design, manufacture the world famous Mercedes car. Since 1909 onwards, from manufacturing to production of heavy-duty diesel aircraft engines. 1923 to begin production of high-performance diesel engines. MTU is now the company's main products for heavy-duty diesel engines (single power 35 to 7400KW), gas turbine engines, electronic engine management systems and electronic monitoring systems and heavy-duty gearbox. MTU has introduced the best products to market: 2000 series and 4000 series engines.

In the domestic production technology through the purchase of MTU engine manufacturers have the responsibility of Shanxi Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., mainly produces 396 series engines.

U.S. Caterpillar Caterpiller

CATERPILLAR (Caterpillar) is the world's largest construction machinery and construction machinery manufacturers. Is the world's leading supplier of high-quality diesel generators and gas turbines. CAT engine prolonged productivity and durability test, the quality of CAT has been recognized as the world first for many years as the first rank of industrial and agricultural equipment manufacturing industry ranked the world's 500 large companies in 43 American magazine "Fortune" bit. 2000 global sales of $ 20.175 billion.

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