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ATS automatic transfer cabinet (dual power automatic transfer system)

1, What is ATS automatically converted cabinet? What is the function?
   More stringent requirements for power interruption of the power system, you should use the mains / generator set automatic switching system. ATS automatically converted cabinet can achieve two-way automatic conversion power, that is, when the main power outage or failure, BZT when the main power is restored, they automatically revert to the main power supply.
If the original supply system for electricity, when the mains power or three phase, when the voltage, the system automatically switches to automatically start the generator set immediately after the generator up and running, the power supply voltage and frequency to normal load, when the utility power is restored to normal automatically switches to mains supply, delay stop generating units.
If the original supply system for generator sets, when the generator set in case of downtime, the system automatically switches off generator power immediately and automatically converted to the mains supply. Enabling rapid recovery and unattended function power supply system. In order to maintain the normal power supply.
2, ATS specifications are:
Generator set ATS cabinet specifications generally: 125A 160A 250A 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1600A 2000A 2500A 3200A 4000A and so on.

3, how to determine the ATS cabinet specifications?
  In accordance with the maximum output current of generator sets decision, generally in accordance with generators Standby Power (KW) is multiplied by two to estimate. Example: a spare 310KW generators and cabinet specifications are: 310 × 2 = 620A, 620A no specifications, so we chose the ATS 630A cabinet.

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