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Name of business
Zibo Diesel Engine Factory 6300,8300,6170,6250,8250
Ziyang Locomotive Factory 12V180ZJ, 16V240ZJB, 16V240ZJC, 6240ZJ diesel
Sinopec Group wins 190 series diesel engine moving, gas engine
Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. N series, K series engine
China First Tractor Diesel Engine Co. ZH1105W, 1110 diesel
Town Jiang Jingjiang Diesel Engine Co. 295,2100,495,4100
Zhenjiang Marine Diesel Engine Factory 6L23 / 30,8L23 / 30,6L28 / 32,6T23LH-4ED
Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., 495,4102 / 4105 diesel
Wuxi Power Engineering Co., Ltd. 135,138 Series (6 to 12 cylinders) diesel engine
Shaanxi Diesel Engine Factory S195, S195-Ⅱ Diesel
Shanxi Diesel Engine Co. 150,396 series diesel engine,
Ningbo CSI Power & Machinery Group Co., Ltd. 6300, G6300, N6160 (CD), N8160C diesel
Nantong Diesel Engine Co. 135 series diesel engines, diesel generator sets
CSR Sifang Locomotive Co., Ltd. 8240ZJC, 16V240ZJB diesel
Domestic limited liability company Hebei North DEUTZ engine
CNHTC Hangzhou Motor Engine Factory X6130, WD615, WD612 diesel
Weichai Power Co., DEUTZ, Steyr, 170,2000 series engine
State-owned Shaanxi Diesel Engine Factory medium-speed diesel (6E390ZC-2,6DSM-22,12PC2-5V.)
Guizhou Tianli Diesel Engine Co. 135 series diesel engines, generator sets
Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory 6300,320 series, 23/30 series diesel engine
Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co. 6105,6108,6112 diesel
Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 495,135,138 Series diesel engines
Dongfeng Automobile Engine Co., Ltd., Sichuan 4JB1 diesel
Dongfeng Automobile Co., Cummins diesel engine plant 4BT, 6BT, 6CT diesel
Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 4102BQ, 6102BQ, 6105Q, 4105Q Diesel
Jinan Diesel Engine Co. 190 series diesel engine
Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Factory 5L.6L60MC, 6S60,6S70MC, 7RTA62U boat Cai
Changchai Co., S195, S1100 ~ S1120, N85 / 90 series, SQD192 diesel
Anqing marine diesel engine plant 6S-18,6PS-26 marine diesel engine

Shengli Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is China's largest manufacturer of gas engines, gas engine products have entered the natural gas, coal mine gas all combustible gases, refinery off-gas, coking exhaust gas, biogas, straw gas (straw gas) and ventilation gas oxidation, etc. areas within the National Torch Plan Key High-tech companies and the industry's only Chinese brand-name products.
Group total assets of 1.4 billion yuan, more than 2,400 employees, in 2009 the total value of 2.5 billion yuan to achieve business "wins move" gas engine generator sets have been all over the major oil fields, coal, refining and other fields, including the United States and exported to including 19 countries in Asia, America, and Africa, becoming the development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprise group.
Group business is divided into two parts: one gas turbine manufacturing, including gas, oil engine manufacturing, coal mine methane and ventilation gas delivery system oxidizer; Second, gas power generation business, has been in the country 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions since various gas power plants built more than 100 seats, installed 700,000 kilowatts, generating 4.5 billion kwh year, 60 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Profile
Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Sino-US joint venture movement, founded in 1995 years in October, at Martyrs Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipality. China Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. is the parent company, the foreign parent company is American Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the investment ratio 50:50. Existing staff of more than 1,400 people. Chongqing Cummins, formerly known as automobile engine plant in Chongqing, began designing and manufacturing diesel engines from the 1950s.
Chongqing Cummins Cummins is the starting point for local production in China, is China's largest heavy-duty Cummins and high horsepower engine manufacturing plant. 1981, Cummins and former China National Heavy Duty Truck formally signed a license agreement to begin production of high horsepower Cummins diesel engine in Chongqing. After years of development, the deepening of bilateral cooperation. Chongqing Cummins Cummins Inc. has been a rapid growth in the Chinese business an important driving force.
Chongqing Cummins products mainly include 200KW-1340KW diesel engines used in the field of mining products, engineering machinery, generators, and ships.
Cummins Engine in the country with a wide range of visibility and reputation, is a country with strong competitiveness of products and brands.

Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. 
CNPC Jinan Diesel is located in Jinan, Shandong Shanshui "Changqing" economic development zone. Employees 2,100 people, with the international advanced level of the internal combustion engine research and testing facilities, highly flexible, core components of NC machining equipment, perfect quality testing and physical and chemical equipment. With an annual output of high-power internal combustion engines and more than 5,000 units. 2008 total operating revenue exceeded 1.3 billion yuan.
Petroleum Jichai core business is the development and manufacturing of high-power internal combustion engines, including the extension of the business unit, integrated gas power unit hydraulic transmission devices, electrical control.
CNPC Jinan Diesel was founded in 1920, is one of China's first production diesel engine manufacturers. 1964, classified by the Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Petroleum Industry. 1965, successfully developed independent 12V190 diesel to fill the gaps in China's oil drilling power and become the leading product in the field. 1988 China's first high-power gas machine Jichai born in China to fill the gas booster power machine blank. 1996 as the first pilot enterprises in the oil joint-stock reform, since the formation of Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.. In the same year the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, referred to as "diesel oil economy", stock code 000617.
After nearly a decade of oil Jichai leapfrog development, has become the mainstream of the world's oil drilling power manufacturers, Chinese-road use in high-power high-speed internal combustion engine of the largest R & D manufacturing enterprises, important occasions and key internal combustion engine power plant projects in China the major suppliers, and suppliers of Chinese naval equipment designated styling products.
Petroleum Jichai passed the quality, health and safety, environmental management system and HSE management system certification, was named China Quality Association Class 3A enterprise quality credit. Has won the National Quality Management Award, the National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise, units of measurement national level, outstanding service providers, the West-East Pipeline Project winning supplier of Honor.
CNPC Jinan Diesel has 15 national and industry standards-making power, the National reciprocating internal combustion, gas-fired generation equipment Standardization Technical Committee, the National Standardization Technical Committee Working Group internal combustion gas engine, oil drilling equipment and tools for the National Standardization Technical Committee of Standardization drilling power Petroleum Ministry are located in Jinan Diesel.
Petroleum Jichai years to cultivate core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and economic characteristics of wood, has formed a multi-fuel can be used for many fields of land use machine, marine machine, gas machine three series clusters, power covering 30-2400kW. Petroleum Jichai new pattern is now working with the Austrian company AVL develop 140,260 Liszt bore diesel engines, will soon form a 140 Medium Bore high-speed, high-speed 190 big bore, 260 big bore engine speed of three series simultaneously, the power range 30kW-6300kW.
Jichai was in 2009, "China Machinery 500" companies, products awarded "China Famous Brand" title. Jinan Diesel brand was named Shandong Province, Z12V190B diesel internal combustion engine power only won the national gold medal, gas machine by China gas engine industry's most influential brands, marine diesel honored as Chinese fishing boats, fishing machine, fishing gear industry brand.
Jichai Petroleum products are widely used in oil drilling, marine power, the use of combustible gas, power plants, locomotives, military and other fields, oil and gas fields across the country and 32 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, exports to the United States, Japan, Russia, Italy , Indonesia, Singapore, Sudan, Tunisia and other over 40 countries and regions, forming a broad market segments, market share large diversified market structure.
2000 series diesel engine
2000 series diesel engine is based on Z12V190B diesel engine, focusing on improving diesel engine reliability, economy and power, to solve the three leakage and appearance quality, easy maintenance, etc., have been greatly improved to better meet the various oil rig , generators, construction machinery for power requirements.
2000 series diesel engine can be equipped for the converter unit, coupling units and diesel generators, used to drive the rig or mud pumps, fire pumps can also be used to support flood control pumps.
3000 series diesel
3000 series diesel engine is the company to meet the growing needs of the oil industry, to improve the nature of our drilling equipment, reliability, and developed a new generation of diesel engines. The diesel engine is based on our 6000 series diesel engines, based on the absorption of structural and learn from foreign advanced diesel engine technology development. Its power, economic indicators have significantly improved key performance indicators have reached or approached the current international advanced level.
3000 series diesel engines to meet the 4000-7000 m mechanical drilling rigs, rig demand for electric power. With torque converter, coupling installed in the same chassis composed of units, used to drive the rig or mud pump. Can also be used to match a single, double bearing generators to a power station and for the fire pump, the pump power and other flood control. 3000 series diesel engine is the company to meet the growing needs of the oil industry, to improve the nature of our drilling equipment, reliability, and developed a new generation of diesel engines. The diesel engine is based on our 6000 series diesel engines, based on the absorption of structural and learn from foreign advanced diesel engine technology development. Its power, economic indicators have significantly improved key performance indicators have reached or approached the current international advanced level.
3000 series diesel engines to meet the 4000-7000 m mechanical drilling rigs, rig demand for electric power. With torque converter, coupling installed in the same chassis composed of units, used to drive the rig or mud pump. Can also be used to match a single, double bearing generators to a power station and for the fire pump, the pump power and other flood control.

Shanxi Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corporation's high-speed, high-power, professional manufacturer of modern diesel engines, is one of the building's "fifteen" during the 156 key projects.
2003, the implementation of the restructuring of the company, in 2005 to complete the separation of policy bankruptcy, forming a corporate governance structure of modern management systems; implementing innovative business ideas and mechanism innovation and technology, the pursuit of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of enterprises. "15", the company achieved a sustained and rapid development, in 2006 the main business income of over 900 million yuan, the ratio of new revenue reached more than 80%, with an average annual growth rate of over 35%, the contribution of science and technology into reach 37%.
German company to introduce a license MTU396 series diesel engine technology, adhere to the "military and civilian, social services," the market development concept, the implementation of the adjustment of product structure, forming a 396 series, 150 series, 132 series and other technology-intensive advanced diesel product structure.
The company currently employs three thousand people, including more than 3 million people management personnel, expertise personnel two thousand people, at the end of 2007, the company has total assets of 1.3 billion yuan, with more than 3,000 types of equipment (sets), which metal cutting equipment a thousand pieces (sets), CNC equipment three hundred sets (sets).
Companies adhere to the "build quality, the pursuit of excellence" quality policy, depending on the quality of life and the quality of a benefit, in 2003 passed the ISO9001 / 2000 quality certification.
The company will be guided by the scientific concept of development, adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, harmonious development" concept, in order to build a modern and dynamic product development and manufacturing base diesel engine parts integrated manufacturing base for the goal, to achieve sound and rapid development of enterprises.
Product case
165 Series
165 series diesel engine is the introduction of the German company MTU license technology to produce high-tech integration, high reliability, economical general-purpose military and civilian high-speed diesel engine power. The machine is water-cooled, four-stroke, turbocharged and intercooled direct injection diesel engine, bore 165mm, stroke 185mm, single-cylinder working volume of 3.96 liters, the highest single-cylinder power up to 140kW, speed range of 1500 ~ 2100r / min, there is 8V, 12V , 16V three models, V-angle of 90 °, the power range 660 ~ 2560kW.
165 series diesel engine using alloy cast iron one-piece body, tied rod, a cylinder heads, combined with the oil piston cooling nozzles, wet replaceable cylinder liners, efficient plate heat exchanger, integral fuel pump and water-cooled three-compartment wall advanced structure and system thermal exhaust system, cooling system and integrated shunt cycle accessories, standard interfaces, the series also features unique cylinder exhaust off the oil, charge conversion and sequential turbocharger and other advanced technology, the diesel engine in a variety of complex the condition, were able to quickly and reliably start and work properly.
165 series diesel engine with small size, light weight, high power characteristics than the power of the leading international similar products; has little vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, economy and good; has a long life, good reliability, supporting strong, standardized parts, high serialization, universal extent, maintenance and good characteristics. So is the ship forward, ideal power auxiliary ships, fixed and mobile power plants, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, railway locomotives.
165 series of gas and power generation
165 gas engine is the introduction of the German company MTU 165 series diesel engine production technology permits on the basis of improved design through new product development and technological innovation. The machine retains the 165 series diesel engine alloy cast iron one-piece body, combined with piston cooling oil nozzles, the basic structure of the wet replaceable cylinder liners, plate heat exchangers and other efficient and split cycle cooling, triple wall water cooled exhaust heat cooling and integrated accessories and standard interfaces, routine maintenance and periodic maintenance of core design techniques.
Shanghai Dongfeng Diesel Institute
Shanghai Dongfeng Institute is a professional manufacturer of diesel 135 series diesel engine, developing 135 series deformation of the product, and production of diesel back-end accessory products - professional enterprise diesel generator set. Institute adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy: hired various technical backbone, training a group of strong technical force of professional and technical team; treat every employee, inspire staff enthusiasm; according to user requirements, in accordance with international standards, design different specifications of the land use, marine, power series diesel engine.
135 Series Diesel Power Research Institute produced from 27.9 kilowatts to 555 kilowatts, for a four-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled high-speed machines. Speed of 1500 rev / min and 1800 rev / min, cylinder arrangement sub-line and two 75-degree V-angle, intake methods are naturally aspirated and turbocharged and intercooled supercharger type several. The product has excellent power, economy and reliability. Supporting simple, easy maintenance. 135 series for ships (including the host, auxiliary equipment), vehicles (including sport utility vehicles, trucks, railroad rail cars), construction machinery (including excavators, bulldozers, scrapers, cranes, rollers, drilling machines, air compressors ), power generation equipment, agricultural irrigation and other power facilities.
Hebei North China Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
Inner Mongolia First Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., Hebei North China Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is specialized in diesel engine manufacturer, was founded in 1970 the company in August 1999 through the IS09001 quality system certification in 2003 quality management system complete version of the work in June 2004 certification by the environmental / occupational health and safety management system.
The company covers an area of 170,000 square meters, production of building area 52,000 square meters. After thirty years of construction, the enterprise has all kinds of equipment over 1200 units (sets), with a complete technology and means of production, casting, machining, assembly, testing, etc. Currently the staff of 1,600 people, including a senior professional and technical personnel 519 titles, with senior management titles 152 people, technicians and senior technicians 45 people.
The company's main product is from the German company to introduce a license DEUTZ series water-cooled diesel engine production BFM1015 and B / FL413F, B / FL513 series air-cooled diesel engine, excellent performance, small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise, to meet European field Ⅱ, Ⅲ emission standard, widely used in luxury buses, trucks, special vehicles, engineering machinery, petroleum equipment, power generation equipment, and has been used in the Antarctic research station ground support systems.
The company has a complete research system, and extensive cooperation with the Institute, the Institute, to further improve the development process. We will continue to strengthen its research and development capabilities in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on enhance core competitiveness. Hua Chai All employees in the company's leadership, adhering to the "pioneering spirit of hard work, meticulous and realistic spirit, solidarity spirit of collaboration, selfless dedication" spirit of enterprise, and constantly strengthen internal management, improving system implementation, company is entering a virtuous cycle. Rely on innovation to embark on a development path to achieve vitality.
Main Products: BF6M1015C water-cooled diesel engine
BF6M1015C water-cooled diesel engine is China Cai introduction of the German company Deutz license products. V-shaped structure, 12 liters large displacement, vehicle power in accordance with ISO1585 standard, power range 214 ~ 331KW. This series of products through an integrated multi-functional design, greatly reducing the number of parts of the machine, the modular structure can adapt to a variety of matching requirements; machine using the oil channel, the waterway structure makes diesel less external piping, reducing the the potential failure to produce; and using the world's advanced four-valve, crankshaft connecting rod shaft diameter Stagger technology, the engine power is more robust, more stable operation, more reliable, easier to maintain, more environmentally friendly emissions, better than Europe II regulatory standards limit.
Weifang Diesel Engine Factory Introduction
Weichai Power Co., Ltd. is the former Weifang Diesel Engine Factory (August 2007 restructuring "Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd.") joint domestic and foreign investors to set up businesses in line with the modern enterprise system, is China's first in Hong Kong H shares listed, and then return to the mainland a-share listed companies, is China's largest auto parts enterprise groups. The company's three business segments (powertrain (engine, transmission, axles), commercial vehicles, auto parts), their respective market segments in the country are in an absolutely dominant position.
Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, founded in 1946, has 59 years of development history, is supported by the state of the internal combustion engine research and development, manufacturing, sales enterprises. Total assets of 8.0 billion, more than 9,000 employees, an annual production capacity of 50 million kilowatts, 60 million U.S. dollars export capacity.
The company mainly produces WD615, WD618,226B, R6160,170 10 series diesel engine, a total of more than 1000 varieties, 8-2250 kW power range, the products are widely used in heavy-duty vehicles, buses, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and power generation, irrigation and marine power. Among them, 10 liters more than the engine in the country more than 15 tons and 5 tons of heavy vehicles powered loaders supporting a market share reached 80% and 76%, medium-speed marine diesel engine market share of more than 80% power. Enterprise has won the "2004 China's auto parts enterprises competitiveness of diesel engine manufacturing only gold medal", "2004 China's most influential enterprises" honorary title. In 2005, "China Machinery 500", Weifang ranked No. 44.
Enterprises to adopt JIT production organization, introducing 5S management, strong grasp of lean production work, and constantly improve the site management level, to achieve control of the whole process of production organization. Weichai since 1996 to obtain ISO9001 quality management system certification, in March 2004, was awarded ISO / TS16949 BSI British Standards Institute issued: 2002 system certification, thus becoming the first company certified by the engine manufacturer, high-tech, high-performance, high-quality and first class service is renowned at home and abroad.
The main products:
Weichai Deutz 226B diesel power generation
Sino-German joint venture by Weichai Deutz Diesel Co., bore 105mm, piston stroke 120mm, number of cylinders of 3,4., Six-cylinder. 3-cylinder naturally aspirated and supercharged diesel engines have two models. 4-cylinder diesel engine is supercharged models, six-cylinder diesel engine has a supercharged and turbocharged and intercooled two models. Power range of 30-145kW. Speed 1500r / min, 1800r / min. Diesel modular design, compact structure, with good power, economy, reliability, parts high versatility, easy to replace, easy maintenance, is an ideal power generators.
Weichai WD615 / WD618 series diesel engine
Is my company from Austria Steyr - Daimler - Puch company introduced the world's advanced level of high-speed engine, product emissions can be achieved stage II non-road national standards for environment-friendly products, with small size, light weight, power large, low fuel consumption, advanced emission targets, low noise, versatility and other advantages.
Rated power range 86-270kW. Speed 1500r / min, 1800r / min. Electronic speed control, can be used with different composition 64-250kW generators supporting high-end unit. Has become the new power fixed stations, standby power, frequency aviation power plants, special power supplies.
Weichai R6160 series diesel engine
Weichai series developed in 6160 based on the new generation of medium-speed diesel engine machine. The product is a set of international advanced design concepts and Weichai engine 50 years of engine design and manufacturing experience in one, to make it more mature and improve. R6160 series diesel engine with excellent performance, reasonable configuration, compact structure, appearance, power, simple operation and maintenance, power, good economy and reliability, etc., in the current similar products in the domestic leading level.
R6160 series diesel generator power range 180-330kW, speed 1000r / min. The unit can be equipped with different composition 120-300kW generators, and provide different models configured according to user needs, has become a fixed power station, standby power, special power of choice, such as a power source.
Weichai 170 series diesel engine
Weichai early 1990s design and development of a new generation of medium-speed machines. Diesel engine design and absorption of foreign advanced design ideas and technology, the 170 series diesel engine with a small, compact, high power, easy operation and maintenance, power, good economy and reliability, etc., in a similar domestic products currently leading level.
170 series diesel generator power range 350-650kW, speed 1000r / min, 1200r / min and 1500r / min. 350-500kw can be composed of high-grade diesel generator sets with different generators supporting. Models can provide different configurations according to user needs, has become a new source of power fixed stations, standby power, high frequency aviation power plants, special power, etc..
CW200 series diesel engines for power generation
Manufactured in accordance with the German MAN company technology. There are six-cylinder, eight-cylinder and twelve-cylinder three models. Power coverage: 600-1200kW. Speed: 1000rpm. Fully adhering to the German MAN: low noise, low vibration, low fuel consumption, high reliability, technical characteristics, is an ideal power power generators.

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