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Cummins will be in the development of core business on the basis of accelerating
"As a technology company, Cummins will serve the market better than any other company and succeed in emerging technology." This is Cummins chairman and chief executive officer Tom Border (Tom Linebarger) recently shared with several Cummins executives Status and future development. "Whether it is current technology or future technology, Cummins have been well prepared to continue to lead the technological progress, which includes the core business, pure electric, alternative fuels, power solutions, digital capabilities, large data and Skills of analyze."

"As a global leader in the commercial and industrial markets, we will be more successful in emerging technologies than any other company," said Lambor Bowen. "Over the past century, Cummins has been innovating and adapting The ability to provide a steady stream of success for the business is also due to these two points, now in this critical intersection, we can confidently along the right path forward.We will provide customers with a series of power technology , From diesel and natural gas to pure electric and hybrid powertrain, and we will provide our customers with the best solution for their application. "

Core Business

Cummins will continue to focus on its core business markets - namely, engines, power systems, components and distribution services. Our success stories in our core business are common, such as Cummins' largest engine platform - QSK95; the latest release of the X15 series engines offering the best fuel economy and maintenance costs at the same level. This engine uses parts of the patented technology, such as innovative monomer post-processor, the volume reduced by 60%, weight reduction of 40%. All of these achievements stem from strong support from Cummins' global technical experts.


Earlier this year, Cummins intensified its investment in the commercialization of electric technology, combining Cummins' expertise and important experience in electric drive systems. In addition, the company is working with potential partners to explore the commercial applications of energy storage, power electronics, motor drive systems and component control to ensure that technology continues to lead in related areas. Cummins will begin shipping in 2019 including electric drives such as battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. This is only the first step in Cummins' entry to the top electric drive system, leading the commercial vehicle and the industrial market.

Alternative energy and power solutions

Currently, Cummins offers zero-emission natural gas engine systems that are highly fit to meet the needs of the city for air quality problems. Natural gas engine technology reduces carbon footprint, especially when combined with renewable natural gas, natural gas engines can achieve "negative carbon". Now the natural gas engine and fuel system is better than ever, the vehicle has a longer mileage, more convenient maintenance, fuel to add more sites. This helps the gas utility to achieve longer operating hours and lower operating costs.

In addition, Cummins in the application of fuel products to increase the extensive R & D investment. The company is developing energy-efficient gasoline technology, is expected to achieve the same performance and durability of diesel, to meet the stringent emission standards at the same time, to maintain a competitive fuel economy.

In the long run, Cummins' R & D and Technology Department will further study the use of biofuels, synthetic fuels and hydrogen energy in the alternative energy applications, but also to explore proton exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology Focus on the project to invest. Compared to conventional internal combustion engines, these two projects have great potential in providing superior power density.

Digital capabilities, large data and analytical capabilities

Customers are looking for more convenient, more responsive interactions, real-time updates and information, making products safer, more efficient and easier to use. For a long time, Cummins has already provided remote intelligent technology services to customers in some markets, but the potential for digitization is far farther and faster than teleworking technology. Aware of this trend, in May 2017, Cummins built a new organization within the company - the Digital Advocate, led by Sherry Aaholm, chief information officer. This new organization will enable the company to achieve efficient innovation, the most rapid and effective way to concept from the concept stage into the commercial implementation.

Cummins in China

Cummins and China's historical origins can be traced back more than half a century ago in the 1940s. On March 11, 1941, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Lease Act to provide wartime assistance to 38 countries, including China. "Lease Act" on the Chinese military aid materials, including with Cummins engine Jiang anti-patrol boats and military trucks.

At the end of 1944, a Chongqing company sent a letter to Cummins to seek business contacts and localized production of Cummins engines in China. Irvine Miller, general manager of Cummins Engine Company, expressed a strong interest in the letter , Hope that after the end of the Sino-Japanese war, Cummins can build factories in China. For the well-known reasons, Mr. Miller's idea can only wait until 30 years later in the 1970s, with the gradual easing of Sino-US relations, is expected to become a reality.

Cummins and its associated subsidiaries have invested more than US $ 1 billion in China. As the largest foreign investor in China's diesel industry, Cummins's business contacts with China began in 1975, when he was the first visit by Mr. Erwin Miller, Cummins Beijing, one of the earliest American entrepreneurs seeking business cooperation in China. In 1979, China and the United States established diplomatic relations, China's opening to the outside world, the first Cummins office in China was established in Beijing.

Cummins was one of the first Western diesel engines to be engineered in China. In 1981, Cummins began to produce engines at the Chongqing engine plant license. In 1995, Cummins' first China joint venture engine factory was established. So far, Cummins has a total of 28 institutions in China, including 15 wholly-owned and joint ventures, with more than 9,000 employees, producing engines, generators, alternators, filtration systems, turbocharging systems, reprocessing and fuel Systems and other products, Cummins service network in China, including 12 regional service centers, more than 30 customer support platform and more than 2,000 wholly-owned and joint venture authorized dealers in China.

Cummins has long maintained a strategic alliance with large enterprises in China to achieve common development. As the first foreigner to foreign production of foreign diesel engine enterprises, more than 30 years Cummins and Dongfeng Motor, Shaanxi Automobile Group and Beiqi Futian, including China's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles set up four engine joint venture plant, Cummins Twenty Four of the four engine series have been produced locally in China.

Cummins is the first foreign-funded diesel engine company to set up R & D center in China. In August 2006, Cummins and Dongfeng Company jointly set up the engine technology research and development center in Wuhan, Wuhan, officially opened.

2016 Cummins sales in China reached 4 billion US dollars, China has become the world's largest Cummins, the fastest growing overseas markets.
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