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Thanksgiving ten years, the potential future, hand in hand into the new era of s
July 26, 2017, Xi'an - Ten years ago, China's leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles - Shaanxi Auto Holdings and global power leader - Cummins work together to 50:50 ratio of joint venture set up Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Cummins Its ISM heavy-duty flagship engine into China, the successful realization of local production.

For decades, ISM series has been widely used in heavy-duty trucks, buses, special vehicles, construction machinery and generator sets in China. Today, Xi'an Cummins with impressive achievements ushered in the 10th anniversary celebration, and the new situation, the Shaanxi Gas Holdings and Cummins for the country six new opportunities in product development to further strengthen cooperation, more mutually beneficial winters in the future to open a new The chapter.

Today, Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City, Development Zone and other government representatives, Shaanxi Auto Holdings, Cummins, and the joint venture leaders and distributors from around the country, customers and media representatives gathered to attend the celebration held in Xi'an Cummins , And jointly reviewed the achievements made by the two sides in the joint venture and cooperation in the past ten years, so as to discuss how to inject new vitality into the joint venture partnership in the fields of technology, products and market for the development of local economy and society. More active role, make a greater contribution.

Celebrations, representatives of government departments, customer representatives, both the parent company and joint venture leaders on the stage together, press the button on the screen, open a new chapter belonging to the country six times. This indicates that the growing demand for environmental protection today, as Shaanxi Automobile Holdings and Cummins cooperation ties, Xi'an Cummins will be more competitive advantage of the six products, more professional vehicle application matching, more complementary customer support system, Excellence in intelligent manufacturing platform, unique car network large data, cleaner and efficient emission technology to establish their own unique competitive advantage in the industry, so as to promote the industry forward.

Shaanxi Auto Holdings Chairman Yuan Hongming said in his speech: "I hope in the next step in the development process, Xi'an Cummins focus, seize these development opportunities; ahead of the layout, seize the national six emission technology and product upgrades to achieve leapfrog development ; To optimize the cost, continue to promote the level of localization; strengthen the service, improve the network layout, enhance the ability to support accessories. Shaanxi Auto and Cummins will continue to fully support the development of Xi'an Cummins project, Xi'an Cummins to build the Silk Road along the most important business Car power base. "

"The theme of today's event is 'Thanksgiving for 10 years, the future of the future,' today we are not only to celebrate the achievements of the past, more clear future direction of development, establish the determination of forward." Cummins Group Vice President Cao Side (Steven M Chapman) said, "for the future of the six national standards, Cummins has a mature and perfect European and technical reserves, and Shaanxi Auto has a wealth of customer and market experience, we use today's opportunity to start the six product technical cooperation for the Xi'an Cummins The future development of laying a solid foundation.


Through 10 years of ups and downs, Shaanxi Auto Holdings and Cummins in the course of sincere cooperation benefit, Xi'an Cummins also in the process of steady progress. Through mutual support and development, Shaanxi auto products continue to enhance the competitiveness of the application to further expand, Cummins has also been more and more end customers are well known and recognized. With the strong support of the parent company, Xi'an Cummins has developed into a force in the Chinese engine industry to grow into an indispensable part of the Chinese manufacturing industry. In the future, with Xi'an Cummins as a platform, Shaanxi Automobile Holdings and Cummins cooperation will be more deep, for the development of the market and social progress to create greater value.
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